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Andouille ahn-doo-wee Lean pork sausage with a spicy smoked flavor used in Cajun cooking.
Beignet ban-yay Square French doughnut, deep fried and sprinkled with powdered sugar.
Bisque bisk Thick, cream or milk-based shellfish soup, usually made with crawfish, shrimp or oysters.
Boucherie boo-shuh-ree Community butchering which involves several families contributing the animal(s) to be slaughtered. Each family helps to process the different cuts of meat, like sausage, ham, boudin, chaudin, chops, and head cheese. Each family gets to take home their share of the yield. This process was done in late fall to provide meat throughout the cold months.
Boudin boo-dan Cajun favorite, made by cooking ground pork rice and seasonings and stuffing the mixture into a casing. It is then cut like sausage and eaten any time of day.
Bouilli boo-yee French for ""boiled"", is a stew made from boiled meats.
Bouillie boo-yee Spelled this way means a boiled milk custard.
Couche-couche koosh-koosh A popular breakfast food, made by frying cornmeal and topping it with milk and/or cane syrup.
Café au Lait kah-fay-oh-lay Coffee with steamed milk.
Cajun Cuisine
Typified by long, slow cooking in covered pots and adaptation of the native food sources of South Louisiana.
Cayenne Pepper
A strong seasoning made from the cayenne chili used in many cooking recipes.
Courtbouillon koo-bee-yawn Spicy tomato-based seafood stew.
Creole Cuisine
Typified by the use of peppers, spices, roux, and seasoning vegetables; developed from the early French, Spanish, and Afro-Caribbean influences in Louisiana.
Etouffee ay-too-fay Gravy made by smothering seasoned vegetables. It is the ultimate Cajun dish, usually made with seafood in a smothered vegetable sauce.
File fee-lay Exotic spice made from powdered sassafras leaves and used as a garnish for gumbo.
Fricassee (free-kay-say) Stew made by browning then removing meat from the pan, making a roux with the pan drippings, and then returning meat to simmer in the thick gravy.
Gumbo gum-boh Roux-based soup of poultry, sausage, or seafood, served over rice.
Jambalaya jum-buh-lie-yuh Main dish usually made from rice and a combination of meats. Similar to paella.
Lagniappe lon-yop "Something Extra"; an unexpected treat or favor.
Sandwich made of meats stuffed in a length of French bread.
Praline prah-leen Candy usually made from cream, sugar, and pecans.
Roux roo Base for gumbo or stews made of flour browned in oil.
Sauce Piquante saws-pee-kawnt "Spicy Sauce" is a spicy stew.
Tasso tah-soh Strips of spiced pork or beef which are smoked like jerky and used to flavor many dishes; a sort of Cajun pepperoni.
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